5 tips to make going back to school easier on everyone

Parenting Tips and Strategies

August is upon us and the school supplies have been purchased and first-day outfits are being chosen! For many parents, there is hidden joy with the children going back to school. For others, there comes a sadness that the relaxation and the freedom summer brings is over. For my family it is always a mixture of those two feelings. I want to share some back to school routines that have worked in my family over the years.

  1. Get the children back in the school year bedtime routines! As hard as it may be for you to get them back in bed earlier, it will be much easier when school begins. Start now by moving the bedtime earlier by 15 minutes each night until it is at the school year bedtime that you choose. Remember: a good sleep routine is crucial to a child’s success in school.
  2. If your child/children have been sleeping in late it is time to start waking them up a bit earlier in the day. Again, the routine will be important for your child/children and starting the 1st day of school will not be of help to anyone!
  3. Remember those summer packets that many teachers handed out at the end of the school year? If those aren’t finished have your child/children do a little school work each day. It’s good to get them back in the habit of independent work.
  4. A week before school starts have a family meeting going over the new school routine. What time do they need to wake up? What time do they need to be ready to leave? What do your afternoon and evening schedules look like? Having the entire family involved gets everyone on the same page!
  5. Finally, be your child’s biggest cheerleader this school year and enjoy the ever changing moments! They go by so quickly!

*image courtesy of Steven Depolo / creative commons

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