9 ways to keep your child engaged during summer vacation

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Keep your child engaged

Soccer, baseball, and swimming are some fun summertime activities.  With summer vacation comes a two or three month break from school.  Kids need a break from the daily rigors of school, but it’s important that they don’t take a break from learning altogether.  Children will not be ready for school in the fall if they don’t do some reading, writing, and math over the summer.  I’ve provided a list of easy and fun activities that kids can do during the summer so they stay sharp for the beginning of the year!


  1. Local libraries and book stores encourage children to read throughout the summer with a summer reading program. All you have to do is obtain a reading log, read, and turn in the log at the end of the summer.  Most places will reward your child for their reading by giving them a free book.
  2. Take regular trips to the local library. Many libraries have free activities for younger children.  Take a break from the sun and see what programs and activities they have to offer.
  3. Take your child grocery shopping with you. Let them help you find the items on your grocery list by reading the labels throughout the grocery store.
  4. Most importantly, read with them and let them see you reading too!


  1. You can play many math games with a deck of cards that you have laying around the house. Go Fish to Ten is a fun game that kids love.  Instead of playing Go Fish the traditional way, have them find two cards that when added together equal ten.  You will need to take out the tens, jacks, queens, and kings for this game.
  2. Addition War– instead of playing war the traditional way, turn over two cards and add them together. The person with the largest sum wins that round. Play until one person has all of the cards.
  3. There are some great websites that have fun math games such as abcya.com, funbrain.com and starfall.com that kids love.


  1. Keep a summer journal and have your child write about all of the fun activities that they are doing.
  2. Have your child use sidewalk chalk to write out sight words or spelling words.

Summer vacation should be full of fun.  Keep the learning alive and your child will be ready for school in the fall.

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