Brookridge Day School

In the Beginning

Brookridge Day School set the benchmark for private schools in Johnson County, KS in 1968. That was the year that Dr. Carol Savage decided that parents needed a choice in day care in the Kansas City area.  

Why couldn't day care also be a preschool where children were inspired and early foundations were created for a lifetime of learning?  Brookridge was founded and it began.

Dr. Savage became a pioneer of the "Head Start" program.  Her focus on whole-child development and it put her preschool and day care center on a course to be second to none.

The message was simple: Take the education of children to heart; embrace diversity and cherish traditions. In all of her years that focus has never been compromised.


As Years Came and Passed

Evidence of success was overwhelming.  Attendance grew and a waiting list formed.  Dr. Savage and her staff began to entertain the thought of expanding their private school but only for the right reasons.

The search began for a suitable building.

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And We Grew

We found our new building

We moved to the new building and we have been there since.  Our standards have never change, our ideals have never been compromised and the appreciation for the opportunity to help students develop has never been taken for granted.

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The BDS Tree

The Story of the Tree & Swing
The Single Tree standing tall was a symbol of strength, knowledge and a foundation of roots that the school intended to bestow on its students.  The Swing gave knowledge that this was an institution devoted to children.
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Dr. Carol Savage


Dr. Carol Savage founded Brookridge Day School in 1968. She received her PhD. in Elementary and Early Childhood Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Kansas. Dr. Savage is one of the pioneers of the “Head Start” program used throughout the country today. Both of Dr. Savage’s children attended Brookridge Day School.