Summer Session

“Our summer session teachers at Brookridge Day School in Overland Park, KS are degreed and specialize in the development of gross and fine motor skills.”

Welcome to Summer Session at Brookridge!

The summer schedule allows for more flexibility, both in activities and choice of attendance.  Our families have the opportunity to choose full-time or part-time attendance with rates based accordingly.
• Full-time Enrollment
A full-time enrollment requires a commitment to attend at least eight out of the ten weeks.  Weekly tuition for each age or grade category may vary.  These categories include: beginning preschool, potty-trained beginning preschool children (that are three years of age), preschool, kindergarten, or students having completed first, second or third grade may vary.
Children (kindergarten through Grade 4) coming for the summer have a tuition rate that may be different per week than those who attend Brookridge Day School during the school year.

• Part-time Enrollment 

A part-time enrollment offers the family a chance to choose any 2 or 3 days of the week throughout the 10-week summer session.  

In short, families would be under contract, either part-time or full time, from beginning of and throughout the summer.  Your commitment to regular tuition payments (cash, check or Tuition Express) provides the necessary means of assuring that our contract teachers are able to be at the helm of a summer recreation program of the highest quality.



 Summer Specials & Activities 

With a special theme for each day of the week, we will be a busy place every day!  Throughout the summer, we will cool off with lots of water play.  From sprinkler parties, to swim lessons, to water experiments, we will make the most of the warm summer days!


sprinkler fun