Accomplishing tasks- it’s as Easy as 1-2-3

Are you looking for tips to help your child accomplish tasks at home? The Easy as 1-2-3 formula is one that the teachers at Brookridge Day School use to help students accomplish tasks at school. The good news is that this formula will work for any task, in any setting, from completing homework to brushing teeth. I hope that this easy to follow, three step plan will help you guide your child to completing tasks at home.

Easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Getting organizedmeans a child gets where he or she needs to be and gathers the supplies needed to complete the task.
  2. Staying focusedmeans sticking with the task and learning to say “no” to distractions.
  3. Getting it donemeans finishing up, checking your work, and putting on the finishing touches, like remembering to put a homework paper in the right folder and putting the folder inside the backpack so it’s ready for the next day.

Once a child knows these steps, and how to apply them, they can start tackling tasks more independently. That means homework, chores, and other tasks will get done with increasing consistency and efficiency. Of course, a child will still need parental help and guidance, but you probably won’t have to nag as much, which is always a plus!

From Teeth Brushing to Book Reports

To get started, introduce the 1-2-3 method and help your child practice it in daily life. Even something as simple as brushing teeth requires this approach, so you might use this example when introducing the concept:

  1. Getting organized:Go to the bathroom and get out your toothbrush and toothpaste. Turn on the water.
  2. Staying focused:Dentists say to brush for 2 minutes, so that means keep brushing, even if you hear a really good song on the radio or you remember that you wanted to call your friend. Concentrate and remember what the dentist told you about brushing away from your gums.
  3. Getting it done:If you do steps 1 and 2, step 3 almost takes care of itself. Hurray, your 2 minutes are up and your teeth are clean! Getting it done means finishing up and putting on the finishing touches. With teeth brushing, that would be tasks like turning off the water, putting away the toothbrush and paste, and making sure there’s no toothpaste foam on your face!


Give this simple method a try. I promise that it will bring order to completing any task, from tooth brushing to homework, with no nagging required!

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