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Get to know us: Meet Music Teacher Donya Booth!

Over the course of the next few months we’re going to introduce you to each one of the talented and dedicated professionals that make up Overland Park’s Brookridge Day School. We recently had our...
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9 benefits of playing childrens’ board & card games

What your child most wants – and needs – is to be with you with no goal in mind beyond the joy of spending time together. She wants you to take pleasure in her, play with her, and listen to her....
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Preparing for the annual Spring Music Performance

Thirteen years ago, I gave up my Happy Room teaching position to become the music teacher at Brookridge Day School. It was my heartfelt duty to carry on the traditions of the music and Spring Program...
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Benefits of music instruction for elementary school students

“Music provides unique and invaluable insights into human condition. Music allows us to know, discover, understand, experience, share or express such aspects of the human condition as feelings,...
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