Begin with the End in Mind-Have a Plan

Behavior Modification Tips and Strategies

(The following is another installment in a series authored by Brookridge Day School teacher Erin Argie.  She discusses good habits as found in The Leader in Me program.)

Think about the last goal you accomplished. Now think about how you achieved it. Did you plan ahead and write the goal down? Did the task you were trying to complete matter to you or make a difference? Did it contribute to a personal mission or a company vision?

As adults we should be very accustomed to planning, but children must be have this leadership trait modeled to them at an early age.

“Begin with the End in Mind” is the second habit referred to in Stephen Covey’s program The Leader in Me. All children should be introduced to planning at an early age in order for them to create meaning and make a difference. They need to feel like they are contributing to the classroom or school’s mission and seek out ways to be a good citizen.

For this goal, the children in my class will listen to the book The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle. The book opens with a spider beginning to build a web. Many other creatures in the story come upon the spider and ask the spider to stop what it is doing and play. The spider, with a goal in mind, accomplishes the task of building the web just in time to catch a delicious dinner.

It is my plan as a teacher to grab the classroom’s attention and guide them towards identifying with the spider. The children will then be guided in a discussion on how they are able to plan ahead and set goals. I remind them that they are an important part of the classroom decision making and that they are able to contribute to the mission of our room. As a teacher it is my job to always point out examples throughout the year of children following the ways of a “good citizen.”


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