Benefits of music instruction for elementary school students

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Benefits of music instruction

“Music provides unique and invaluable insights into human condition. Music allows us to know, discover, understand, experience, share or express such aspects of the human condition as feelings, aesthetic experiences, thoughts, structure, time and space, self-knowledge, self-identity, group identity and healing and wholeness. If the purpose of an education is to systematically develop the mind and capabilities of every child, it is clear that music has a unique and necessary role to play.”

Scientists have discovered that music is the only activity that stimulates and activates the entire brain.  Music is science. It’s mathematics. It’s a foreign language. It’s physical education. It’s art. Music can change and shape your life.  Music is worth being actively involved in for a variety of reasons- here are just a few:

• Academic Achievement

Engagement in music boosts brain power and development, improves language abilities, assists with motor skills and coordination and results in higher grades and better test scores. The link between music involvement and success in school and life is indisputable.

• Character Building and Self-Confidence

Character building through active music participation is endless!! Children develop discipline and diligence as they learn a multitude of songs. They develop self-confidence as they proudly present their hard work in a program or public performance. One of my favorite stories is about a little girl, who in Kindergarten, hid behind her mother each morning at drop off time. As time went on, music became interesting to her. She became more comfortable with her surroundings and eventually started participating in music. She even tried singing in the microphone by March of her Kindergarten year. By the time she got to third grade, she stood proud and confident at our annual Spring Program and sung an amazing solo in the microphone in front of 200+ people. What an amazing transformation!

• Social Skills

As kids persevere in music they learn communication, problem solving, teamwork, individual responsibility and cooperation. These qualities are lifelong and will take them far on the road of life.

As the music teacher at Brookridge for 13 years, I have seen amazing things happen! Children are doing things I don’t even think their parents thought they could or would do. What a great feeling it is to know that I have been a part of that!