Brookridge Alumni

“Hey, I remember you!” I said to one of my former students, a student I had what seems a lifetime ago. Because I do remember my students. Of course I do. Who could forget?

I remember the way she used to walk on her tiptoes and always had something to say. For me, she is frozen in time as a young pre-kindergartener. Now she is tall, well-read, soft-spoken, and lovely. She’s a young adult now who dropped by to say hello. I want my former students to know that I remember every single one of you! Even those that can’t quite remember me.

You have lived, learned, and grown through so many days since then. Teachers always remember their former students. It’s a special treat when a teacher gets the privilege of being a young student’s very first teacher. Every single student I have known or taught holds a place in my heart. It was my job to help guide you and keep you safe and a privilege to do so.

As my time in the classroom has come to an end this past summer, I have been reflecting on what it is to be a teacher and all the students I have known. If you are a Brookridge alum, or know a Brookridge alum, or would like your child to become a Brookridge alum one day, please know that I remember. We all do.

It always makes our day when you come back to visit us. Some alumni have returned to work here, some have returned for summer fun, some have just returned to say hi. From this former Brookridge kid who is lucky enough to work alongside her former second grade teacher, we remember you. We still love you. Come back and see us sometime!

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