Brookridge Day School enjoys Percussion Magic!

Last week our friends Johnny and Adam, from Percussion Magic came back to Brookridge Day School and our preschoolers loved every minute of it! They played the guitar and sang songs as we danced along. They showed us different instruments like the maracas, tambourine, claves and drums. Johnny and Adam made sure to explain and show us how each of them worked and what each sounded like, and they even let us take turns playing the instruments while we sang and danced along with them!


Percussion Magic is always an exciting field trip for the preschool classes because they absolutely love it! Music is such an important part of the early childhood curriculum because it helps the mind and body work together to develop skills needed for elementary school. Music has been shown to improve development of social and emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy and intellectual skills. 


The kiddos in the preschool programs at Brookridge can't wait for Johnny and Adam to come visit again!  Their interactive rhythm and music sessions are super engaging and a hit with one and all.

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