Celebrating the library with books

School Activities at BDS

We believe in the power of reading here at Brookridge Day School!  Encouraging students to love listening to stories, putting books in their hands, and delighting them with much loved classics are just a few ways we help them along and nurture a love of reading.  There are so many life lessons woven in beautifully illustrated books that are just waiting to be shared.  And every day- new books are available for the asking!

We have a wonderful opportunity for our families to mark, remember, and celebrate milestones of their Brookridge years.  Our Celebration Book Program allows us to keep up with the new books coming out, while keeping our library current.  With a $15 donation, your child can choose a book from a preselected collection.  We will put in a book plate honoring your event:  birthday, learning a new skill, special teacher, etc. along with the child’s name and year.  They will be the first to check out the book and take it home for a week.  When they bring it back it will be put on the shelves, to be shared and enjoyed for years to come.

As I check these books in and out throughout the years, they are wonderful reminders of our Brookridge families, and their children who continue to live on in our hearts.  Thank you for considering this donation to our Brookridge Library.

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