Chess Club

Curtin Hartman (Instructor)

Curtin comes from Midwest Chess Academy is our chess instructor. He is a certified chess coach through the US Chess Federation and has completed a professional training program for chess instructors. He has been teaching at Pembroke Hill School for the last five years and has twice had a national champion from that club.


Curtin shares his secrets with experienced chess players.  It’s all about strategy and planning from here.  Players learn to think about moves well in advance to them taking place.


This is a class for players that are comfortable with each piece’s qualities.  Begin to develop strategies well ahead of your opponents next move.


Learning the basic idea behind a chess match, Curtin teaches the basic concepts and individual move that each piece has in it’s arsenal.  Once students get familiar with each piece their confidence will grow and they will be ready for the Novice class.

Chess Club Schedule

  • Novice Chess: meets on Tuesdays (one hour).
  • Advanced: meets on Wednesdays (one hour).
  • Intermediate: meet on Fridays (one hour).


  • Fall Semester: includes 14 sessions
  • Fees: $12 per lesson.

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