Colors and counting- easy activities for the beginning preschooler

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Room C’s classroom theme this year has been COLORS. A few weeks ago, the Fun Friday theme for summer also happened to be COLORS! The kiddos in Room C really enjoyed spending the week reviewing their colors, working on new and fun art projects, and showing Ms. Tope what they’ve retained throughout their year.

Not only have the Room C students focused on colors throughout the year, but they have worked hard on counting and matching as well. The children enjoyed a sensory activity using foil and paint to make a “rainbow fish.”  They sorted different colored Fruit Loops and counting bears, placed them in appropriate piles, and even counted the bears and cereal as they went along. The cereal pieces ended up being a yummy treat and reward at the end of the activity!

Ms. Tope also had her students use the Fruit Loops in another activity to make octopuses. The children picked out a pile of cereal pieces that matched the color of their octopus, then glued the cereal to the octopus. Once the gluing was done, they took turns counting with Ms. Tope to see how many pieces of cereal were on each octopus!

Another fun color activity was making a rainbow with paint dots; each child had to work hard to follow the curved line and make sure they were using the correct paint dot on that colored line, and they did a great job! Last but not least, Ms. Tope made sure to read her student’s favorite book of the year; Dog’s Colorful Day.

What a great way to wrap up our COLORS unit just before summer session ends!

Remember, colors are everywhere and you can count pretty much anything! These beginning preschoolers can have so much fun no matter where they are just by showing you what they know, and it is also a great way to help your little one learn and grow! Just point out the colors and start counting!

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