A cure for “the interrupting child”

Behavior Modification Tips and Strategies

Does your child(ren) have a problem with interrupting? The habit of interrupting is frustrating, but the good news is that it’s curable! Children of all ages can be taught how to wait their turn to talk.

My Mouth is a Volcano; by Julia Cook, is an entertaining look at a boy’s problem with interrupting. His teacher and his parents all struggle with his “erupting” until his mother gives him a strategy to solve his never-ending problem. I have used the approach, from the story, with children of all ages. I hope that you will find it helpful with your own children. Simply follow the easy steps below:

  • When you find yourself about to interrupt, take a deep breath and blow your words out through your nose.
  • When it is your turn to talk, take a deep breath and breathe your words back into your mouth. Then you will be ready for your turn to talk!

This approach is simple and it works! I highly recommend this book, if you struggle with interrupting at your house. The story provides adults with an entertaining way to teach children the value of respecting others and learning to wait for their turn to speak.

Wishing you a peaceful home!

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