Data notebooks- A Brookridge advantage!


There are many benefits to enrolling in Kindergarten at Brookridge Day School. Each Kindergartener has the ability to track his or her own growth, which isn’t often seen in other classroom setups.  Your child will utilize leadership data notebooks along with one-on-one time with their teacher in order to track a variety of skills sets.

Some skills tracked in the notebooks include:

  • Upper and lower case letter identification
  • Letter sounds
  • Color words
  • Number words
  • All 100 kindergarten sight words
  • Rhyming words (both identifying and producing)
  • Math test scores
  • Identifying numbers through 100
  • Basic shapes

Your child is given the opportunity to track their own growth and set personal goals, so they are given the opportunity to set themselves up for success.  With this sort of individual attention, each child is able to adapt their leadership notebook to their specific needs.


When goals are set and tracked, the person has ownership, which in turn leads to increased success!  This is true for adults and children alike!

The leadership data notebooks also provide the teacher a window into the specific needs of each of their students, which will then help individualize instruction.  They also provide the students with a sense of ownership over their hard work and build intrinsic motivation to set goals for the future. Setting future goals– a skill to last a lifetime!

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