Effective strategies for dealing with whining in your home

Behavior Modification Tips and Strategies

Do you deal with whining in your house? Over the years, friends of mine and parents from my class have asked how to stop the whining. In my house, and my classroom, the children know that whining is just not an option! We had to be very consistent with them from an early age. Give some of these suggestions a try and see if the whining in your house slowly stops.

  • My number one piece of advice is to be consistent in your expectations with your child/children. If you give in, even once, it is a step back!
  • Give your child/children more choices. Love and Logic books and seminars have taught me a valuable lesson….in order to have control you must give control. Some examples of choices you can give:
    1. Do you want the green cup or the red cup?
    2. Do you want to carry your jacket or wear your jacket?
    3. Do you want to eat breakfast before or after you get dressed?
    4. Do you want to do your math homework or reading homework first?
  • Love and Logic also encourages the use of “Enforceable Statements.” These would be statements that tell what YOU will do. For example:
    1. I will be serving breakfast until 7:00.
    2. I will be leaving at 7:15 for school. Please come either dressed for the day or have your clothes in a bag if you choose to stay in your jammies.
    3. I will play a game with anyone who has his/her room clean by 6:00.
    4. I will be happy to take anyone to the movie this afternoon that has all his/her chores done by 4:00.
  • Be sure to stay consistent and strong! If you say chores need to be done, then don’t take anyone that doesn’t have his/her chores done. If breakfast is over by 7:00 don’t serve anyone after 7:00! He/she will have to get breakfast on their own.

I truly hope that some of these tips will help at your house!

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