Exploring preschool through sensory activities

At-Home Supplemental Ideas & School Activities at Brookridge Day School
sensory activities

In Room C our 2 1/2 & 3 year olds love sensory activities! As teachers, Jordan Uselton and I try to make sure a sensory activity is part of our daily routine with the children. Sensory activities like rolling play-doh, finger painting, or tearing paper is very crucial to their developmental needs, especially during the Early Childhood years.

Children learn best and retain the most knowledge from an activity when they are stimulating their senses.

Room C has a wonderful sensory table that the kids really enjoy. So far, they have experienced kinetic sand, water, rice, and shaving cream. Not only are these sensory items fun to use with our hands it also satisfies our cognitive skills! Each sensory tub is filled with educational items that are found when they explore with their hands. In the pictures below you will find letters, shapes, and numbers. As teachers it is our job to ask the children to tell us what they find and recognize. 

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