Exploring the five senses in kindergarten

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From the day children are born, they begin exploring their world through their senses. In kindergarten, we continue to foster exploration of our world through our senses in science (and all hours of the day).  Recently, our Brookridge Day School kindergartners studied the five senses: taste, hearing, sight, smell, and touch, through hands-on activities and science labs.

For our sense of taste, our children experienced sweet, salty, bitter, and sour flavors. The extra dark baking chocolate was the most fun to observe. Most children expected it to taste sweet, however; they were surprised to learn how bitter it tastes. We recorded our favorite and least favorite tastes and colored a diagram of a tongue. The diagram helped children locate areas of the tongue that are sensitive to different tastes.

For our sense of smell, the children tested different scents, such as lemon, mint, vanilla, and cinnamon. Each child recorded his/her favorite and least favorite scents. We discussed how our sense of smell works with our sense of taste. When we have a stuffy nose, it can be harder to taste food.

For our sense of sight, we observed our pupils dilating when the lights were turned off. We noticed how our pupils shrunk when the lights were turned back on. We also used magnifying glasses to search for hidden pictures and explore our playground.

At the end of our Five Senses Unit, we tested our hearing by listening to different sounds and described whether they were high or low or soft or loud. We also made pudding paint and used our sense of sight, smell, taste, and touch.

Our kindergarten students had so much fun learning about all the different ways they use their five senses. The hands-on activities and labs we did had real-world connections that children could relate to. Next time you’re playing, cooking, coloring, etc. with your child, ask if he/she can name some of the senses he/she is using.

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