First Grade Owl Pellet Dissection

School Activities at BDS

Our first grade had a great time dissecting owl pellets on Monday, August 31st!  “I liked pulling it apart!” stated one of the boys.  After studying owls and their habits, we had a chance to see first-hand just what kinds of things owls ate by taking apart the pellets that they regurgitated.  At first, many of the kids were not very eager to take apart the pellets.  After seeing a few other kids finding jawbones of rodents or tiny vertebrates from a mouse, most of the kids were excited to find bones in their pellets too.   “The bones felt icky!” exclaimed one of the girls.  I even had a few kids who wanted to take their “findings” home with them!  “I liked taking the skulls out of the pellet,” said one of the boys.

As part of our study of owls, we had a chance to do a virtual owl pellet dissection.  The website first informed us exactly what an owl pellet is and how they are formed.  Once we had this information, we could dissect an owl pellet online to see what it would be like.  Several of the kids said, “It was my first time seeing an owl pellet.”

We also had our first chance to do some group research.  In groups of two or three kids, we found owl facts in books as well as drew an owl and labeled the parts.  All of this information was put onto a poster to share with the class.

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