Fostering self-help skills in the preschooler

Behavior Modification Tips and Strategies

The main focus in Room C is for the students to learn social and emotional skills. One of the most important things we can foster is “self-help” skills. These skills are very important for the beginning preschooler and really help a child to become more independent and get in the mindset of “I can do it!”

So what are some self-help skills we are working on at this age?  In Room C, many of the students are potty training, so they are learning how to pull their pants up and down on their own.  They are figuring out which shoe goes on which foot, and learning to be responsible for washing their hands after they use the restroom.  They have learned to get a tissue and try to blow their nose (with help), when needed. In the fall and winter, the kids get their coats on and off, and even try to zip them by themselves. They also continue to work throughout the year to be able to hang up any jacket or backpack on the coat hangers without assistance.

During meal times, the Room C kiddos are learning to be responsible by picking up their plates and throwing them away when they are done eating, as well as pushing in their chair at the table when they have finished. After nap, they are working on trying their best to take the sheet off of their cots by themselves, and putting their sheet and blanket inside their nap sack. The children are also continuously working on walking in a line and staying quiet in the hallway, sharing toys with friends, waiting patiently for their turn, and picking up after themselves when finished playing. The students in Room C have worked very hard throughout the school year and summer session and have made great strides! It is exciting to see how far they have come and recount their accomplishments!

Remember, self-help skills are a great thing to be working on at home as well! Let your child gain independence and try to do things on their own- it’s all part of growing up!  Just be sure to be close by in case your kiddo needs any help or assistance!

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