Get to know us: Meet First Grade Teacher Keir Mercer!

There really is no place like home!

If you’ve been following our blog or social media, then you know that we’re introducing you to each one of the talented and dedicated professionals that make up Overland Park’s Brookridge Day School. We recently had BDS First Grade Teacher Keir Mercer take time to tell us a little more about herself. 

Meet Keir!

  1. How long have you been at Brookridge Day School?  I started at Brookridge in 2001, just before my youngest son was born.  I have taught both kindergarten and first grade at Brookridge.
  2. Your hometown postcard—what’s on it? I grew up just a few miles away from Brookridge.
  3. Who is your hero and why?  My grandpa was my hero. He would have been 106 years old last November. He was kind, supportive, loyal, wise, and strong. He would do anything for someone else. He was the kind of person I strive to be.
  4. What book are you reading right now? I do not have a book that I am reading right now. But give me any fun, quick mystery to forget about everything for awhile, and I can plow through it in a day!
  5. Name an interesting thing about yourself that others might not know.  If I wasn’t in KC, I would love to be on a beach someplace.  The beach is my happy place!
  6. What’s your favorite website or app? Pinterest! What did I do without it all these years?????
  7. What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?  The best part of teaching is when you have been working with a child on something that has been difficult for them, and the light bulb suddenly turns on, and they GET IT!
  8. Describe your ideal Saturday!  Saturday is usually my day to get things done (like laundry and grocery shopping). If I didn’t have to do that, I would LOVE to be able to sleep in (preferably past 8am). Then I would sit and enjoy my cup of coffee with my breakfast while reading a book or the newspaper. Then I would spend the rest of the day hanging out with my family, probably at the ball fields watching my son play baseball. Ideally, I would not have to cook dinner, so we would probably go to a bar and grill after the game(s). We would finish the night by watching a movie in our basement, but I would probably fall asleep instead of watching it.
  9. You’re leaving town for a very, very long time…where would you dine for your last meal and what would you eat?  This is a tough one!  I love the chips and salsa at most Mexican restaurants, so I would probably want to go to Salty Iguana.  Either there, or Jose Peppers.  Yum!

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