Back to School: Getting your routine back

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Back to school

Yes, it is that time of year! Back to School! If you are anything like me you know that going back to school means lots of changes in the house. Changes with routines and changes with schedules.

By the end of July, I frantically go into “back to school” mode. I tend to think about all the things I wanted to get done over the summer, but didn’t! I wonder if my children read enough over the summer. I wonder if my children are well prepared for the next grade. I wonder when I need to get them back into a good sleep schedule. I wonder if we have all our school supplies. The wondering is never ending! Over the years I feel like I wonder a little less and feel confident in the way my children transition into back to school mode! I hope some of my tips can help you and your family.

  1. Be positive in your talk with your child/children about back to school. Make it an exciting time. Not a time of dread or sadness about summer being over.
  2. A week or two before school starts begin to limit electronics. This helps get back into school mode!
  3. Are you giving chores to your child/children? If not, back to school time is the perfect time to start. Chores and school go hand in hand. Chores foster perseverance to complete tasks, encourage responsibility, and allow children to work independently. These are all qualities that help children succeed in school, also!
  4. Those are just a few tips that I have after sending two children off to school for many years now! May your back to school time be fun and less stressful this year!

*image courtesy Toshiyuki IMAI / Flickr / Creative Commons

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