How to jumpstart your best school year yet!

Parenting Tips and Strategies
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Whether this is your family’s first school year or your tenth, we can all take advantage of some great tips from parenting coach Susan Epstein. The following are her steps to avoid the chaos so you can have the energy to fully enjoy your kids and the school experience.

Tips from Susan Epstein:

How do you stay motivated to stay organized? How do you encourage the kids in your life to do the same?

Systems. Plain and simple.

  • Pack the backpacks the night before to help your morning go stress free.
  • Empty the backpacks right after school. This will help you avoid moldy food ruining the pack, see school papers intended for you, and see homework assignments.
  • For young children, lay out clothing the night before. Ask them to be involved in choosing their outfit. Have your older children do this on their own. Again, this cuts down on the stress in the morning and no one will be late because you won’t be fighting about what to wear.
  • For all kids: regular meal and bed times. Kids need structure and you’ll get some free time when your kids are sleeping!
  • Have a hard stop on when homework must be completed. This will eliminate late night meltdowns when kids are “freaking out” and involving you.
  • This last tip comes from my own experience. Make sure your child eats some protein for breakfast. This will help sustain their focus throughout the morning and teachers will thank you for that!

Wishing you a peaceful home and a wonderful school year!

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