How to set goals in Kindergarten

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It’s never too early to start setting goals. In Kindergarten at BDS, we are learning how to set goals for ourselves. Some goals are academic while others are more personal (tying shoes). Kindergartners need to be taught how to choose and set goals that are appropriate for them.

A lot of my students want to choose things that they are already good at. With guidance and support, I help them choose attainable goals. We celebrate the things they can already do, and look for things that need more practice. We talk about how our classroom is a safe place to share our goals and the things that we have not yet accomplished.

Each child chooses three goals from a set of picture cards. These goals are personal to each child. They cut and glue the picture cards onto a goal tracking sheet. Periodically, I meet with each child to discuss his/her goal progress. When a goal is accomplished, the kindergartner checks it off on his/her goal sheet. If they are still working on a goal, we talk about strategies to continue making progress. As goals are accomplished we celebrate with a cheer for that student.

Making goal-setting a part of our weekly routine helps keep children accountable for their learning. It helps build students’ self-confidence and gives them a clear picture of their achievement. Try setting goals with your child and watch their confidence grow!

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