Indoor (Recess) Ideas for Preschoolers

In Room 5 the dreaded indoor recess is no longer dreaded! We keep two cabinets in our classroom specifically dedicated to indoor recess only. That way, we know our kiddos haven’t played with it over and over again and they will be excited to get it out when the weather is questionable!

In our cabinet, you’ll find stuffed animals, an assortment of bouncy balls, cardboard tubes, cash registers, bubbles, a hop scotch mat, a folded up tent and tunnel, balloons, pool noodles, bowling kits, and paper plates!

With the balloons and pool noodles, we enjoy a fun game of catch or baseball.  We can also count how many times we hit the balloon in the air without missing it or having it fall to the ground, or maybe even sing our ABC’s!

With the cardboard tubes and smaller bouncy balls, we like make a large version of the game mouse trap. Friends can work together to stack the tubes in different places, letting the balls roll from one tube to another. They also enjoy pretending that the tubes are large binoculars or listening to themselves sing or talk into them like a microphone!

We keep the paper plates in the cabinet for a fun “ice skating” experience! The kids each step on 2 plates while gliding across the classroom, pretending like they are figure skaters. They enjoy trying to make up their own dances and signature moves and they are also working on their large motor skills without even knowing it!

Making sure that these activities, toys and tools stay in our INDOOR RECESS cabinets and are only taken out for INDOOR RECESS purposes has insured an exciting and easy time for Room 5 when the rain or snow comes to visit.  Try some of these ideas when you are stuck at home indoors on a cold, rainy day!

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