Keep academic skills sharp by playing board games this summer

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Board Games

Want to keep your child’s academic skills sharp this summer? Play a board game. We recently had game day at our school and I realized how many skills are involved in playing a game. Children enhance their small motor skills when they roll a dice, spin a spinner or move a board piece. Valuable lessons are learned by taking turns, following rules and good sportsmanship.

Play bingo! There are simple bingo games available that teach numbers, alphabet, or shapes. Alphabet bingo is a great way to reinforce letter recognition. Instead of calling out the letter, try saying the sound or words that begin with that letter. Children expand their thinking and answer from these clues. Or better yet, let them be the caller and announce the letter.

Math skills are involved every time a child rolls a dice or spins a spinner. They need to recognize the number and move the correct number of spaces on the board. Games like Jenga or Keekee the Rocking Monkey teach concepts of weight and balance.

The choices are endless. You don’t have to sit your child at a table with a worksheet when so many other options are available to reinforce academic skills. Remember that playing is not just fun and games- your child can be learning valuable skills and lessons at the same time!

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