Library Time at Brookridge Day School

School Activities at BDS

The Room C kiddos love to have their library time! They walk down the hallway to the library and hear a story that is read by Mrs. Chesher. Library time is an important part of Room C’s week, because the children get another chance to practice walking down the hallway of the school.  Additionally, being in another room and in a different environment where they have to learn and adapt to the rules and settings of that particular area is a great opportunity for learning. Library time is also a very important part of the children’s education. Not only are they learning and practicing socially and emotionally acceptable behavior each time they go to the library, but they are broadening their early literacy skills as well! 

Early literacy is so important for children of preschool age because children are constantly learning, and the earlier they develop pre-reading skills, the better. Reading to children at a young age helps them to connect with and understand the world around them; they begin to recognize small words and associate them with an actual person or object. 

Ms. Tope and Mrs. Uselton are happy to report that the Room C kiddos genuinely enjoy their library time with Mrs. Chesher, they listen to her tell the story, and of course, they like to talk about what they see and hear along the way throughout the story! They are even so excited to explain to Mrs. Chesher what they learned, and that excitement carries through all the way back to the classroom!

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