Making the Most of Homework Time

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Homework can be a time of the day that is stressful on families, or it can be a time of the day that is used for responsibility and independence building skills! I have “been around the homework block” with my own children and also with my students here at Brookridge Day School. Setting up some ground rules for homework can be of a great benefit to the child and the parents, for years to come.

Set a time limit:

  • Make it very clear that homework will not be signed or homework checked after a certain time. At our house it is 7:30. Do what works for you!
  • PRAY that he/she waits until after 7:30 to start homework or get homework signed etc…
  • No consequence at home… only, “Bummer, let me know how that works for you!”
  • If there is kicking, screaming, begging, whining, etc…
    • IGNORE!
    • Get ear plugs (seriously)!
    • NEVER GIVE IN! You aren’t doing anyone any favors.

2 Key Phrases that will help with this at home:

  1. “Bummer, let me know how that works for you!”
  2. “I love you too much to argue.”

Helpful Hints:

  • Give him/her the opportunity to complete homework…time and place.
  • Give help when asked.

*image courtesy of Sean / flickr creative commons

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