How to make landforms (and reinforce a lesson) out of kid-friendly snacks!

Grade School Readiness

As first grade teachers, we are always trying to create a learning environment that is engaging, interactive, and inspiring.  Room 4 students recently studied the earth’s landforms, and as a culminating activity, we provided the kids with blue Cool Whip, green food coloring, vanilla wafers, chocolate chips, Hershey kisses, green coconut, candy corn, goldfish crackers and graham crackers.


The children were divided up into groups of 2 or 3 kids and they had to create an edible landform that included: an island, mountains, an ocean, plains, rivers and hills.  The only direction given was that all six landforms had to be represented and labeled on their paper plate.  It was fun to watch their little minds at work as they talked about what each landform was and how they could use the food items given to create each of them.  I think it’s safe to say by the looks on their faces, this culminating activity was a big hit! It was easy to see that the information taught during this lesson was mastered! This hands-on activity is better than a test any day and really reinforced the concept of landforms!

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