Music in the early childhood years: a time of growth and development!

At-Home Supplemental Ideas & School Activities at BDS

Early-childhood, birth through age 6, is the most important stage of life for a child’s own musical development and growth. Music is important in the Early Childhood years, because music is part of who we are academically, physically, ad a part of our culture and socialization.

In Room C our 2 ½ -3 year olds really enjoy music and movement. It helps them get some energy out and teaches them about different musical instruments, rhythms and songs. We like to teach the children new songs and finger-plays each week that correlate with the lesson plans. We also like to show different educational videos on the TV to incorporate technology with our music and movement; like The Learning Station and Go Noodle. The kids can listen to the words in the song and follow along with the movements. 

The kids have enjoyed making drums and rhythm sticks in the classroom. Not only did they get to make them but they decorated them, and then had several chances to play them throughout the week! We also provide opportunities to listen and play the keyboard along with their teacher, Ms. Tope. 

*image courtesy of Steve Snodgrass / creative commons/ “Cello Beginner”

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