Helpful Tips for Preschool Parents: Overcoming 1st Day of School Jitters

Behavior Modification Tips and Strategies

Whether your child has been at home with mom or in a home care center, the transition to a structured preschool environment can be traumatic, both for mother and child.  There are some children who transition without missing a beat!   Others may have those “jitters” and need a little coaxing to help.  Here are some suggestions to make the transition a bit easier:


  1. After your initial tour, visit the center with your child.  Meet his/her new teacher and let your child experience the environment.   Encourage him to roam the room, maybe holding your hand.
  2. Allow your child to see your enthusiasm for the new preschool.  This reassures him that you trust those who will provide safety and security while he is there.
  3. Talk about his first day as a “celebration” – an important step in his growing independence.  Help him choose a new outfit for the day.
  4. When the “celebration day” arrives, make the ride to school a fun one – sing songs, play “Look and See”, etc. to distract him.
  5. Finally, give your child your full attention.  Leave the cell phone in the car. This is your child’s special day!  Plan a trip for ice cream, pizza, whatever is his favorite – for pick-up time.

These helpful hints should make his/her celebration day a grand one!  Celebrate your child taking a big step into a new world!

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