Pre-K students visit BDS Kindergarten

Kindergarten Readiness

Today our class got to visit Mrs. Moore’s Kindergarten classroom (Room 1) together with Mrs. Stone’s class. The children were SO EXCITED to be big kids– if only for a while!

Mrs. Moore introduced herself to each child one-by-one and had each Happy Room student introduce themselves to the classroom. She then paired her class with the Happy Room students so it felt like “one big Kindergarten classroom!”  (The Happy Room students really loved this! And the Kindergarten students felt like bigger kids too!)

Reading Time

Mrs. Moore spoke to the students about the book they were going to read; she asked the students about what an “author” of a book is, what an “illustrator” is, and if the book is “non-fiction” or “fiction” and how to use your context clues to tell. I was so impressed, as their teacher, to see our Happy Room students answering many of these questions!

We read Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come by Nancy Carlson. After the book was finished, Mrs. Moore showed the students how in Kindergarten, you are assigned a desk. She also talked about keeping the desk clean. She then showed off all the folders in the desk and the assignments they will eventually get to work on.

Perhaps my students’ favorite part was when Mrs. Moore told them they won’t have nap time! One student even told me later, “I think I’m ready for Kindergarten, I’m not so good at this nap time!” Mrs. Moore had a few of her students share what their favorite part of kindergarten was thus far.  We heard answers like “P.E.” “Top five, or “writing goals,” – it was so fun seeing some of the Happy Room students from last year excited about their room this year!

Mrs. Moore did a great job showing off her classroom to the students. If you have any questions or just want to stop by to see her classroom and meet Mrs. Moore, her late days are Tuesday and Thursday.  Or feel free to contact the office and we’d be happy to answer any questions about Kindergarten or take YOU on a tour of Mrs. Moore’s room!

You should be so proud of your children! They truly did seem like kindergartners today! Here are some pictures I captured during the reading time.


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