Prekindergarten Science Exploration

School Activities at BDS

In our Pre-Kindergarten Happy Room, we engage our learners in weekly science experiments. We believe in a ‘hands-on, minds on’ approach. For this week’s science exploration, we observed worms. We used a variety of instruments: magnifying glasses, spray bottles, and a microscope. We used the spray bottles to dampen the dirt and observe changes in the worms’ movement when sprayed with water.

While observing the worms, we compared their movements to our own. While we can wiggle like worms, worms cannot walk like we can. While we can play in the dirt, we do not live in it, as they do. The children are challenging themselves to use their skills of deduction, as well as reasoning.

Our preschool director, Erin Argie, further explored the features of worms and pointed out their segmentation and lack of mouth. This was another opportunity for critical thinking.

Our school principal, Barbara Brown, was also very impressed with our investigation of worms. While enjoying this hands-on experience, we explored scientific concepts that will recur throughout the children’s educational experience: anatomy, observation, experimentation, making hypotheses, and of course, biology. While this activity was rich with educational value, it was also lots of FUN! ☺

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