Preparing for the annual Spring Music Performance

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Thirteen years ago, I gave up my Happy Room teaching position to become the music teacher at Brookridge Day School. It was my heartfelt duty to carry on the traditions of the music and Spring Program that had been in place for over 30 years. If it weren’t for the leadership and coaching from Mrs. Judy Crawford, former principal/grade school music teacher at Brookridge, I don’t feel like my success in this position would have been possible.

Performance teaches innumerable life skills, in a highly motivating way, yet calls for respect and order. It stretches students and teachers beyond what they, their teachers, or their parents would ever dream possible. The tradition of the spring performance has provided practice in goal setting, problem solving, teamwork, meeting deadlines, concentration and critical thinking skill…to mention a few. Positive attitude, self-confidence, assuming responsibility and showing respect for others are qualities that true self-esteem is based on. We like to think that Brookridge kids have it all!

Some of the things you will see at the program in May…two lines moving in opposite directions, keeping themselves placed exactly behind the person in front of them…things that take concentration and focus. Their eyes trained on the director/cue giver, keeping an instrument quiet while it is not being played, and actions altogether…full concentration will rule! It is my privilege to help make this happen!

I look forward to seeing you in May. Your kids will be so excited to perform for you!

One thought on “Preparing for the annual Spring Music Performance

  1. Denise -

    My granddaughter (Peydin) is in Second grade, and I attended the program yesterday. Once again, I was completely blown away by the quality of the program! The personal discipline exhibited by the kids was unbelievable, and the music was phenomenal! I can’t even imagine the work it takes to accomplish this, but you manage to do it time and time again. Congratulations on a fabulous job with the kids!

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