Promoting a love for reading: for preschoolers & beyond

At-Home Supplemental Ideas & Grade School Readiness
a love for reading

When does a love for reading begin? The sooner the better would be the consensus among all experts and educators in the field. Listed below are several ways to promote a love for reading in a classroom setting as well as at home.

  1. Read books: children have to see their parents or teachers read to them with purpose.
  2. Read everywhere: in the classroom, in the car, and at the breakfast or dinner table.
  3. Make reading fun: read under a flashlight or create funny voices for different characters.
  4. Make reading a routine: after you awake, after school or before bed, it doesn’t matter as long as there is reading.
  5. Provide a variety of high interest materials: find out what your classroom interests are this year, create a system for labeling books, and add books often.
  6. Share your reading ability: younger and older siblings can share the love of reading together. Read to past teachers, the principal, or a new friend.
  7. Go to the library: visit your local library and sign your child up for their very own library card and go back often.
  8. Create a reading spot: spread out, cozy up, lay down, or make a book nook.

Reading should never be forced, start your child early and use these above suggestions to help with the habit and promotion a love for reading!

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