Reflections on a Brookridge Education

I’ve always been well aware that I experienced a happy childhood, and without question, Brookridge Day School is critical to why this is true!! My happy memories are very specific, which indicates Brookridge made quite an impression on me! I remember playing with blocks in the Happy Room.  Another favorite was playing “Red Rover” and “Simon Says” as a class at recess. I remember specific art projects, praying and singing “God is Great” at lunch time, and waking up to a friendly face after nap time.

And let’s not leave out Brookridge music class!

I relished singing songs about our Constitution and marching around learning hand motions to the music.   Putting on programs for all the parents was always a thrill! 50 years of educating our children speaks for itself!

Brookridge Day School is an exceptional school that is cherished by many! I attended BDS as long as I could and went back to work there and soon as I was old enough! It’s a special place filled with a staff who truly cares about the kids. Attending Brookridge makes me one of the lucky ones!

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