School Success Requires Teamwork, Beginning with Preschool

Grade School Readiness

When families and schools work together, it’s a winning combination. There are simple things you can do to support the school and help your child succeed academically.

You can:

  • Encourage your child to do her best in school.  Show her that education is the number one priority in your family.
  • Support school rules.  From walking in the halls to treating other with respect, parent support for school rules is the key to student success.
  • Contact your child’s teacher early if you see a problem.  Let the teacher know you want to work together to help your child succeed.
  • Monitor homework and projects. Ask your child about assignments when she gets home from school. Plan a routine surrounding homework, including a good spot to work from and a time limit for completion. If it is taking your child too long, let the teacher know.
  • Teach your child about responsibility.  If she breaks a school rule or doesn’t do her homework, she needs to accept the consequences. Learning early to accept responsibility will pay off in the future when the stakes are much higher.
  • Make sure you child arrives at school on time every day.  She can’t learn if she’s not in class.
  • Attend parent-teacher conferences and other school events.   You’ll show support and gain important information.


Never doubt the importance of being a part of your child’s learning team. School success requires teamwork, from preschool and beyond.


Wishing you a peaceful home!

**”homework” image by Catherine / flickr creative commons

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