Spring Programs

Music Performance

Please find your child’s Spring Program date below. Our programs are presented next door at the First Baptist church. We know from research that children’s self-esteem is built when they do work of which they are proud. Wait until you see what they can do! We take performances seriously at Brookridge.

Preschool Programs:

Sunday, may 7th at 1:30pm
Pitnick, Siler, Stewart, Stone, Truta, Vassmer, Schulte MWF PSO

Sunday, may 7th at 3:30pm
Carson, McCarthy, Tope, Binder, Schulte T-TH PSO

Grade School Programs:

Sunday, may 21st at 1:30pm
Uselton, Sullivan, Mercer, Cortez, Shonkwiler

Sunday, may 21st at 1:30pm
Moore, Wilson, Shonkwiler