Stone Soup


Building a community is an essential part of our curriculum at Brookridge Day School.  This is an essential part of our preschool years as we begin to become more aware of people around us and not focus all about “me.” By using the word community, we are able to get each child to understand how working together can make a community stronger.

During the month of September, we focus on community by emphasizing families, friends, and community helpers. To jump start our theme this month we read a tale called Stone Soup.  It is a story about a traveler that happened upon a village of people.    The villagers did not welcome him at first.  So, the traveler decided to make a pot of soup made with a stone.  The traveler placed the pot in the middle of the village.  He began mentioning different ingredients that would make the soup taste better.  Each time the traveler mentioned a certain food item, a villager would contribute that item to the pot.  By the end of the story, the traveler and village people enjoyed a yummy pot of soup along with bread and apple cider.  The villagers learned that things seem to be much better when everyone works together!

Our preschool community, after reading Stone Soup, made our own version of soup.  As a community, we collected ingredients that were needed to prepare the soup.  Each child along with their parents made a contribution towards the creation of the delicious stone soup.  Our community brought a stone, cabbage, vegetables, potatoes, rice, chicken, chicken broth, salt & pepper.  They also brought a loaf of fresh bread and apple cider.  The children learned that working together as a class can help build a happy community!

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