Structure and Routine make life easier for parent and child

Parenting Tips and Strategies
Structure and routines

Routines are crucial for happiness in the household. Routines create a sense of security for children. Children will handle change best when it is expected. If possible, talk to your child in advance and explain what is happening. Structure and routines help children take on new challenges.

If you are having a lot of challenges with your child and there is a lack of structure and routine in your home, it may be that your child is sensing chaos or lack of order. Your child will often act out when they are feeling insecure or worried.

  • Routines eliminate power struggles. Children, when taught, know your expectations (brush teeth, eat, go to bed, and do homework) each day. As a parent, you will no longer have these battles.
  • Routines help children become more responsible. The children know to do certain things without reminders after the routine is established. The child will brush teeth, go to bed, pick up clothes, and become self-sufficient.
  • Teaching life skills is one of the most important things a parent can provide. Your child may be a genius, but if she hasn’t been taught how to be responsible, she may struggle with success.

Bedtime seems to be one of the biggest areas that parents struggle with. The earlier you establish a routine, the easier it will be. If a child doesn’t get enough sleep, this can affect every aspect of the child’s life, especially their academics. Children need to be well-rested for optimum behavior and learning!

*image courtesy of Josh Davis / flickr Creative Commons

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