“Summer Smarts” theme weeks are a hit!

School Activities at BDS

The Room 5 teachers are having a blast incorporating “Summer Smarts” into our daily summer classroom schedules. They do their best to incorporate math, science or literacy into whatever the theme is for that week.

During Crazy Sock Week, the kids used socks to play a pattern matching game. During Hat Week, Preschool Room 5 had a pirate theme and the kids matched the pictures to the treasure box labeled with the correct letter sound. (The picture of the apple went to the “A” treasure box and the picture of the elephant went to the “E” treasure box.) For our Ocean Week theme, the children “went fishing” using pool noodles and magnets to collect paperclip fish with a letter on each one. Once they collected the fish, they told us which letters they had caught!

Some other fun “Summer Smarts” activities in Room 5 have been Alka-Seltzer painting, chocolate chip cookie counting and number matching, and a Skittles science experiment to watch the colors run.

Our hope in Room 5 is to keep the children’s excitement for learning at an all-time high throughout the summer and to continue to review things we have learned the past school year! The kids are loving it!

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