How to empower your child through chores

As kids grow up, they still like to help, but we as adults sometimes become so accustomed to doing things for our children that we forget that they are fully capable of doing things for themselves. 

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Get to know us: Meet First Grade Teacher Keir Mercer!

If you’ve been following our blog or social media, then you know that we’re introducing you to each one of the talented and dedicated professionals that make up Overland Park’s Brookridge Day School. We recently had BDS First Grade Teacher Keir Mercer take time to tell us a little more about herself. Meet Keir!

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Conflict resolution for first graders

  Our Brookridge Day School first grade class spent the month of October learning about conflict resolution.  Each week we focused on a different aspect of conflicts and resolutions and how to handle them.  We learned about feelings and why friends might disagree.  Each week, we discussed and practiced our new skills.  Our hope is […]

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