Teaching your preschooler values that last a lifetime

Parenting Tips and Strategies

The values you teach your preschooler will follow her throughout life. It is important that your little one sees agreement in both parents. The values you teach now will be central to teaching manners and etiquette later. A child may be dressed to the nines, but if her behavior does not match her outward appearance, then she may not be considered “adorable” or “cute.”

Therefore, consider carefully the values you want to instill in your child. It’s never too early to take a long, hard look at what you wish to pass on. Family members are quick to add their opinions, but the choice should ultimately be the parents’ or those who are raising the preschooler.

Below are some values to think about and consider. Each one holds merit, but some may not be important to your family.

– Consideration and kindness / Good Manners

– Honesty and Integrity / Honorable behavior

– Hard work ethic / Good sportsmanship

– Religious beliefs / Generosity

– Self-discipline / Family

– Respect for ethnic and cultural diversity / Leisure time

Make your list and rank them in order of priority. Working together as a family will make for a cohesive family unit who enjoys spending time together.

*image courtesy of Darien Library / flickr Creative Commons

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