Thanksgiving means turkey projects at BDS!


We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family and friends!  Room 5 has been having a lot of fun incorporating turkey-themed projects and activities into their daily lessons. Ms. Tope has had a great time getting the kids interested in counting by using feathers to catch their attention!

Using feathers in the sensory table to hide numbered turkeys was one way to get the students to feel their way through the feathers to find the turkeys. Once they found a turkey they had to try and recognize the number that was written on that turkey.  Another way to practice basic counting skills was having them pick out and count the pretty colored feathers that they each wanted to put on their very own toilet paper roll turkey art project.

Lastly, Ms. Tope used those same numbered turkeys from the sensory table and had each child tell her what number each turkey had on it, then they chose which numbered turkey they wanted. After they chose their turkey, the students used their fine motor skills to pinch and clip different colored clothes pins onto their turkey to give the turkey its feathers. That was their favorite math/science activity that preceded the Thanksgiving holiday!

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