The Benefit of Public Speaking at an Early Age

School Activities at BDS

There are many benefits that come along with educating your child through the 3rd grade at Brookridge Day School.  One of those is the leadership opportunities that the 3rd graders have in our school. Some of these include:

  • Giving the daily announcements
  • Study buddies with younger children
  • Special graduation activities
  • Mentoring and tutoring younger students

I personally believe one of the chief benefits of the 3rd grade year at Brookridge is the fact that our 3rd graders prepare and give four oral presentations each school year.  In an article written by Cynthia Myers for, she gives several benefits of a public speaking class.  These benefits include overcoming fears, building confidence, improving communication skills, and increasing organizational skills (November 2015). I would have to agree that all of these benefits are gained by the 3rd graders at Brookridge!

Many students are often nervous and intimidated giving the first presentation of the school year. What is truly exciting is watching the growth and confidence being built between the first presentation and the second presentation. By the time the final presentation comes along in May, nearly all 3rd graders are confident public speakers. It really is like magic to watch!

I agree with Cynthia Myers that increasing organization skills is also a main benefit. Giving the oral presentation in front of fellow classmates and peers is only half the battle. After a topic has been chosen students must research, organize the research, make a poster, and prepare the oral presentation. It is definitely a process and this will only benefit the students in future years.

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