The Buddy Bench

The buddy bench is a simple idea that started in Germany to eliminate loneliness and foster friendship on school playgrounds.  After reading about the buddy bench concept, a first grader in Pennsylvania wanted a buddy bench for his school. Now buddy benches are in schools across the country.


Earlier this year, one of our Brookridge Day School third graders, watched a video about the buddy bench. He was so inspired by what he learned that he told his mom that he wanted to find a way for his school to have one, too. Together, our third grader and his mom created a Go Fund Me page and raised the funds to purchase our buddy bench. This past week our wonderful bench was installed! We even had a ribbon cutting ceremony to commemorate our bench, which is officially open for business.


Nothing could be more important than fostering the lessons that the buddy bench is intended to teach.

The goal is to create a place where children can go when they need a friend or even when they need to work out a conflict. If you would like more information about the buddy bench movement visit:

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