Using pumpkins as a sensory experience too

Parenting Tips and Strategies

Preschoolers thrive off of sensory experiences and our Room 5 kiddos crave them like crazy! Each week the teachers in Room 5 try to put something new and different inside of a bucket (or on the classroom sensory table) for their students to smell, touch and see. One of the most popular sensory items that we’ve introduced this year has been the pumpkin bucket.

Ms. Tope brought in the insides of a pumpkin for her students to see and explore. They loved it! Some thought it was icky and smelly, others thought it was cool and gooey. Some of the students in the classroom had never seen the insides of a pumpkin, some had never smelled it or felt it before.

Not only did the kids get to touch and play with the pumpkin insides, but Ms. Tope used it as an excellent opportunity for science and math lessons. They talked about the parts of the pumpkin, stem and seeds. They also searched for seeds in the bucket and counted how many they could each find.  It was a really fun (and new) experience for all involved

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