Why Building Teamwork in a Classroom is Important

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I have always started my year out establishing a sense of “team” in my classroom. We begin with our classroom having a name of “Team Shonkwiler.”  That is how we refer to our class, the students, parents, and myself. We are all a team!

The first day of school we work in groups to make Team Shonkwiler pennants. This sets up the culture and climate of our classroom from the very first day of school. So why do I think building a foundation of teamwork is important?

Simple…teamwork and the ability to work with others is crucial to school, home, and work! At a very young age, children must learn to play with others and to get along in his/her family, classroom, and with friends. As these same children grow into tweens, teenagers, and young adults, each one must continue to learn to “play” with others. Although this may look differently than the younger years, essentially it is not much different. Each must still get along in his/her family, classroom, and with friends.

This even translates later in life through one’s ability to get along well with coworkers and bosses. I truly believe that when you instill teamwork and cooperation at a young age, it carries over as children mature into adults. The adult world is very much about playing on a “team.” I believe that working on a team involves communicating with others, listening to others, respecting the ideas of others, and supporting one another.

Ultimately, teamwork is working towards a common goal and I feel that developing this in a classroom is vital to the success of each and every student.