Why I Love Brookridge Day School

BDS Staff

I have worked in childcare for a long time. I taught at Brookside Day School for four years. I absolutely loved it. While I left full-time preschool to work alongside my father, I knew that one day I would teach again. I taught the children’s program at church for over 25 years. When I left my job, I pursued Brookridge Day School right away. I love everything that it is built upon. All other schools, in both Overland Park and beyond, suffer by comparison! I pursued Brookridge with a passion; I was heartbroken when I didn’t get a job right away. It took over a year for me to land a position here. I love every minute of teaching preschool! It is a position I do not take for granted. I am entrusted with teaching our next generation ‘The Brookridge way’! From making sure that each child has the right amount of cream cheese for their bagel to building towers out of Legos. I love to see the growth in each child! The child who once was unsure of their colors is now able to talk about the planets in our solar system! I love to watch the kids tackle their fine motor skills like using scissors or playing with sand at the sensory table. Don’t forget gross motor skills as well, watching them play outside is a true treat. This age is a true delight because the possibilities are endless. The rewards of teaching preschool come every hour! I feel honored to work at the best preschool in Kansas. The leadership here never ceases to amaze me. The teachers here love what they do. My heart is filled every day with joy. I have found my forever home. Besides, where else can you go to work and get twenty hugs? My name is Vicki Fayard and I am a Brookridge teacher!