The Family Wall -not just first for the first weeks of school

In Room C we have a wall of family pictures. It is a place where the kids can come look at a picture of their parent or their sibling if they are sad and missing them. It came in handy in the first few weeks of school when some of our friends were still getting used to being in a new place!

The Family Wall has been such a great addition to the classroom, not only for new students, but we’ve used it time and again as we’ve talked about mommies and daddies, brothers and sisters, babies and big kids. We have counted how many people are in each of our family, talked about the clothing each of us are wearing in the picture, and used the images to learn about our classmates’ and teachers’ families.

It has been a lot of fun, and who thought there could ever be so much to learn from just one picture?! The attached picture is of two of our Room C friends, and like these boys, many of our kids will walk up to the wall, alone or together, and recall the memory of the photo that was taken or talk about another friend’s family that they remember learning about. The Family Wall has turned out to be a great learning tool for our 2 ½ -3-year-old friends!

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